Friday, August 3, 2012

The Oh So Knowledgeable Edubloggers

I read the EduBlog, "The Book Whisperer."  Quite honestly, I clicked on the link because it made me laugh.  I imagined someone sitting in a room with a bunch of leather-bound books and pulling down a worn and neglected copy of a Victoria era drama.  She was stroking its spine and asking, "Why are you so sad, why won't you share your stories with the good people of the library?"

When I started to read the description of the blog, I was excited to see the blog was written by a middle school English Language Arts teacher.  Ah a resource to be able to explore what I might run into in the classroom!

I appreciated the conversational tone of the post.  Instead of plugging a tool because she is paid to, she actually gave pros and cons of a product.  In the comments section, other bloggers  gave lists of good books for certain grade levels, as a supplement to her post about the Lexile Framework for Reading.

I never thought about other bloggers adding relevant information to supplement the blog.  It is like a more in depth Twitter sharing tool.  Yay for collaboration!

I also really like how her blog was hosted on a larger site that featured other edubloggers and teacher goodies.  You could read one blog, get inspired by an activity, and then search other blogs to see if there were variations of the activity.  How cool!

So many topics to explore!

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  1. Hi, Rachel -- If you like the blog, you might enjoy the book of the same name as well when the dust settles on summer term. It's a quick read about how she built a culture of reading in her school and raised test scores. She's also on Twitter, if you are -- @donalynbooks .

    More on her book: