Monday, July 30, 2012

So Much Technology, So Little Time

As a SecMACer, I may be utilizing at least 18 hours of my day for school (or in a semi-conscious state thinking about school), but I still feel like I need more time.  Time is the only thing in this program that is in short supply.  We are given all these wonderful technologies- like Diigo and Dropbox and Google Reader and Evernote and this list goes on and on and on- to simplify our lives.

 But right now, I feel like simplify is more like "simplify."

I feel like a child in a candy store when I have to decide which new technology to use-- "Ooo do I want to highlight with Diigo??" "Do I want to share on Dropbox?  Or would Evernote be better?"  Ah the choices, the choices!  I think I spend more time trying to decide on which service to use than it would take for me to save my work to a flash drive and move on with my life.

But I know, in the future, these technologies will save me time... and the heart attack that ensues after misplacing a flash drive.

I would love to sit down and play around with all the services, if only I had time.  We had the opportunity to do just that, when we had to make a handout for class Friday. Though instead of listening to other presentations, as delightful and informative as they were, I would have preferred having that class time to explore and practice on my own.  I've been using Skype for years, but all the features of Diigo and Evernote and novel to me, and I just wanted to spend my time in class clicking around-- an urge that was hard to surpress and pay attention to my fellow group members.

I often have the attention span of a gnat when I have to listen- something I know I must work on to be a successful teacher.  But my best learning takes places when I am in control of what I am exploring.  Maybe having us explore the technologies on our own during class, and then doing a write up on two of the services could have been an alternative for us hands-on folks?


  1. Haha SO true!! Right now, these programs/sites/features are all just "really great ideas" for me. I can't even begin to explore their potential or utility. However, I have gathered that the latter isn't necessarily the purpose--for now. I think we're being exposed to these technological tools now so that we have a reference point from which to springboard later....namely, at a time when the MAC forces are no longer crushing our souls and monopolizing our every waking (and at times, non-waking) moment.

  2. Attention issues are a problem for me, too; I feel ya. I'm trying to see them as an asset for teachers: we can be aware of many students at the same time. For learning in class, though, it can pose difficulties. What I'm trying to do is take effective enough notes that I can come back to them later, when my head's not spinning into orbit, and explore on my own time.

  3. I'm with you, Rachel. I feel like right now I would be spending the majority of my time trying to figure out which of these technologies best suits what I am trying to accomplish, rather than actually implementing them in use. I do not currently have enough time to try and figure out how each resource works, and I guess it was more or less overwhelming. I do agree that they would and will be useful to know in the future because I can see how they will be useful, but I can't process all that information in one class.

  4. 18 hours a day. Yes. When we're spending that much time doing the school stuff, I feel like I need a 36-hour day. I wish there was an internet tool that would do my laundry for me. And fix the brakes on my car.

    I think what makes these new internet tools a bit daunting to approach is that they require us to put in some effort to...learn them. And so, it seems like instead of helping us TODAY, they just require more work in order to help us out in the future. And with 18-hour work days, who has the time or patience?

    I think maybe focusing on just one tool at a time, one that you quickly understood and felt was most useful to you immediately. Don't worry...I have to still figure out 3 of the 4 we learned on Friday. Even "unenforced" learning requires some prioritizing (particularly in this program!). You'll get the hang of 'em.

  5. Sorry for the incomplete sentence in my response (first line of paragraph 3). I hope you could read my colloquialisms there. :)

  6. I agree with feeling like there is not enough time to explore all of the technology options we are learning. I feel trying to really see how these tools will help will take so much time to learn. I am thinking of exploring Evernote more because I think it would be a helpful organizational tool. I too spend most of my time and thoughts on school. I am looking forward to having some down time in August!